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Impression Post incl. Impression Aid

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impression post
Impression aid closed 
Impression aid open
Screw for closed impression
Screw for open impression

Exact repositioning is possible with the impression aids.
Depending on the indication, the impression can be taken either closed or open.
There are two flattened sides on the rotationally stable impression posts. This, together with the coronal ring adapter, ensures optimum security against twisting and repositioning in the impression.
Things to note about the impression post:
Open impression too high
  • Shorten the impression post by approx. 4 mm. Then use the enclosed shorter screw (closed impression) to take an open impression.
Imprint inaccurate
  • The transfer is not flush with the implant shoulder. There may be impression material or bone or soft tissue on the implant shoulder.  Remove carefully and take a new impression .

Implants, Prosthetic product are backed by a lifetime warranty; Tools like drivers and drills are backed by a 2-year warranty. For details, please contact us.

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