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Our Implant System

About CTD-alphatech®

At CanTech Dental, we are committed to providing effortless and successful treatments for patients, dentists, and technicians. That's why we have developed CTD-alphatech® implants, which have been designed to meet the ideal implant system's features: successful treatment, easy to use, and simplicity of parts and components.

CTD-alphatech® Implants Manufacturing Partners

CanTech Dental is proud to announce its partnership with Germany-based DOT-FMZ Group, one of the world's largest manufacturers of joint prostheses, implants, prosthetic parts, biomaterials, and other surgical instruments.

In 2006, DOT was awarded the OSCAR for German Small and Medium-sized Enterprises for the manufacturing of BONITex® coatings, which are used in the products of many of the world's leading prosthetics and implants manufacturers.

CTD-alphatech® Implants Surfaces

CTD-alphatech® implants are available in two surfaces: DUOTex® and BONITex®. Both surfaces offer biological advantages, including enhanced cellular absorption, cell-matrix adhesion, and osseointegration.



BONITex®is a HA blasted, double acid etched surface, which additionally contains a thin resorbable calcium phosphate coating (BONIT®). This creates an implant surface which is able to reduce healing time and furthermore provides the opportunity of early loading.


  • Complex surface design with significant surface enlargement
  • Higher wettability with blood/high affinity for blood
  • Increased primary stability with reduced healing time
  • Active support of bone attachment
  • Possible diversification of indications (early loading / immediate loading)




DUOTex®is a subtractive surface generated by blasting with HA powder followed by a double acid etching process.


  • Subtractive, osseoconductive surface
  • Promotion of osseointegration from the optimized surface topography

BONITex® is recommended for high-risk patients and patients with systemic problems.

Following implantation and in the course of remodeling, the cap coating will be replaced with organic bone tissue, thus accelerating and improving the durability of osseointegration and guaranteeing treatment success. The streamlined interface of BONITex® has a forward-looking upper surface structure that accelerates osseointegration and facilitates primary stabilization. Research has shown increased contact between implants and cancellous bones in the early stages (14 to 30 days) after implantation with BONITex®.


CTD-alphatech® Implants Structure Design

Homologous placement and balancing of functional forces among system components translates to perfect compatibility and rotational stability between implants and prosthetic parts. Our systems benefit from a combination of all the best techniques for connecting implants and abutments to create long-lasting, secure and reliable (Form and Force-Fit) contact which includes:

- Tube in Tube
- Hexagon
- Conical Inlet

An Implant for All Restoration

Thanks to the compatibility and the relatively large contact surface between the implants and the abutments, functional forces are shifted from the cervical area to the center and the apical area of the implant, thus preventing cortical bone decay by taking advantage of the difference in bone density and blood circulation in those areas

Furthermore, this increases the stability of implant-based prostheses including crowns, bridges, etc., preventing problems associated with the long-term use of implants (caused by masticatory forces acting on it in various directions) like shifting or loosening of the implant. The screws are solely meant to serve as mountings. 

CTD-alphatech® Implants Specifications & Advantages

Tapered shape

  • Combines the advantages of both cylindrical and conical shapes

Unique thread design

  • Increased contact, optimized osseointegration, improved primary stability, reduced heat generation during insertion

BONITex® Coating

  • Suitable for extreme circumstances and high-risk with minimal tolerance patients


  • Prevents bone loss in the cortical area, optimized osseointegration

Polished Neck (optional)

  • Improves the health of soft tissues surrounding the implant
  • Self-tapping and cutting-edge threading
  • More secure insertion into the socket, safe insertion into the bone

Epical notch

  • High rotational stability, anti-rotation device

Rounded apical area

  • Protection of the sinus and mandibular canal

Platform Switching

  • Preservation of crestal bone and soft tissue

Lifetime warranty

  • Trusted by patients and dentists / doctors

One Kit for Manual & Guided Surgery

The CTD-alphatech® implant kits include:

  • User-based instrument layout
  • User’s manual for treatments
  • Quick and fool-proof utilization with color-coding
  • Quick and risk-free osteotomy with stoppers for 2.0 and 2.8 drills
  • Universal drills with no sharp ends for safe and risk-free utilization in the proximity of sinuses and the mandibular canal
  • Long-lasting, high-precision, laser-built drills
  • High-quality, high-precision torque wrench
  • All necessary accessories

CanTech Dental is committed to providing the best possible treatment options for all patients, and we believe that CTD-alphatech® implants are an ideal solution for all prosthetic needs and circumstances.

For more information on our research findings, please contact us.

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